the lion rubbles

as a leo, i automatically see myself as: queen, boss, godlike, head bitch. my world is my kingdom. its peacefully, full of sunshine, and orderly. in the center of my kingdom is a tall ivory tower. its magnificent, delicately sculpted, and carefully kept. there is no stairs, no gateway into my tower. but i know at the top of it there is an open room with giant arched windows to allow the summer breeze in. the only thing in this room is a overstuffed deep red couch. it sits in the center of the room, exactly in the middle of the two windows. ive never sat on this couch but i would believe it was so plush that it molded to your every curve and dimple. it sits facing an equally impressive mirror. so large that it could hold the entire kingdom in its reflection. the gold frame tells a tale of great measure. it would take the wisher days to decode its secrets. my tower holds my secrets. my desires. my deep thoughts that even i dont wish to unleash.

my kingdom sits on a coast, the ocean is on my left while a river carrying fresh water and game is on my right. looking ahead i see acres of woods. i know one day it will be cut down to make way for my growing population. but for right now my view is breath taken. it took my years to gain this vision and im not going to let it go for a while. 

my castle, palace, my humble home shifts from time to time. but the one thing that doesnt change is that i have a whole wing dedicated to myself. its heavily guarded and its designed to my liking. i kinda picture the entrance to it something like the west wing in “beauty and the beast” i have a throne room in my palace. im often there debating a problem with my peers. im usually dressed anywhere from amazon woman to elizabethian time. its a simple throne room, with your standard dais with a well crafted high backed throne. i always picture one throne since i havent found a guy man enough to claim himself king. but there is room for another chair when the time comes. 

another interesting piece about my kingdom and sometimes i forget its even there but in the center of my palace is a room, or an open garden area, that houses a lake.  its vast and seems to be pit less. in the center of the lake is a temple. its very roman. its floor and walls are made from marble, white marble. inside this temple is various sitting places, a mighty desk, and decorated smartly. its simple, its complex.      the only thing that provides difficultly is that there is no way to get to this temple. there is no boat, no bridge, not even stepping stones. thats the beauty of it. im sure you could swim across but who really has time to do such? to get over is my secret. 

About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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