cracks in the wall

its been a while since i have updated the condition of my kingdom. from afar it is still a hopeful peaceful place. the geese have settled in for the summer, populating the near by ponds and lakes. people go about their usual business. crops are growing. but the closer the dear traveler gets one may start to notice the cracks in the walls. the blemishes of hasty work. inside the mighty castle the queen is in disarray. the staff have been giving the right to leave, however most stay. they are loyal to the bone. they continue on even with the knowledge that there is no pay. the queen helps out where she can, in the kitchen, the galleries, the laundry room, even in the grand hall. still listing to her people. offering advice and services she can. but the trade has fallen, there is no resources coming into the kingdom. she has already began liquidating her assets to keep her kingdom afloat. the reality is coming into focus. something has got to give or it will be time to advise her people to seek protection elsewhere. child of the sun or not, her people’s needs out weighs her on. 

About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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