please dont

it was death of the life as we knew it. the days were dark, even the sun had given up hope of our survival. the undead walked the land now. no matter how many we killed they multiplied by millions. they were adapting and coming together. although they seemed to be single minded. at least they still werent able to reproduce.  those that were able to make it this far started to colonize. some towns were with power. the subway in new york was our prime spot. the tunnels provided great source to sustain life. 

i was part of a group that was making our way to the subway. the journey took months. moving from house to house, city to city, crawling our way to new york. there was nine of us, four women, four men, and a baby. the baby belonged to no one but she was ours. she was of new born age, tiny but perfect. her dark rich skin to her jet black woolly curls. i was a key player in this group. i believe i was the only one that knew how to get there but the guys seemed to understand the general direction. there was strong attraction between me and the “head” of the group. for some reason or the other we just werent together. 

the house we made camp in for the night was elegant. older but well taken care of. the previous owner took the liberty of boarding up the windows and doors before either braving the new world or was eaten. after securing the house we settled in. soon smell of dinner filled the house. i excused myself to see after Sira, the baby. i always made sure she was feed and changed before dinner. she now sleeps most the night since being joced around kept her up most the day. if she ever woke during the night i was usually the one to stay up with her. i loved her dearly. 

an argument has broken out among the group. one of the girls came running into the room and was point to the living room. “ryan’s leaving” she panted. i handed her sira and went to see. ryan was sitting at the table, him and josh were yelling at each other. 

“im leaving! fuck you” my heart was torn. my breathe frozen in my lungs. so many sirens were blaring in my head. everything went black and white. i watched in slow motion ryan push away for the table. his hand clean after days of travel. i found myself standing over him. ‘you cant leave’ i whispered, taking his face into my hands. ‘please dont, i couldnt carry on without’ i gave the softed of kisses on his brow as i threw my leg over him. sitting lighting in his lap. ‘you cant leave me’ looking deeply into his eyes ‘i love you’ 

the kiss was eruption. the world exploded and came together at once. my veins singed. our lips caressed and evolved into each other. i hardly noticed when he stood taking my legs into his hands and slammed me onto the table. he pressed his chest into me, his hands covering my back. i loved this man, more then i ever knew. i was his and he was mine.  

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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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