im a queen trapped in my own castle. i watch silently from my high window. cliche is it not? but i dont need rescuing. i dont need a knight riding in blindly to fight a dragon. there is no hand to ask for marriage. like some reward for being stupid. seriously. fight a dragon single handed? not this day and age. i am trapped by my own accord. someone has to make the choice to dedicate their life above the rest. to forgo any chance of happiness so others can be happy. 

but maybe i am not the one to take this role. i feel so young. alive. in power. yes i may be the queen, the sole ruler of this kingdom, but i feel that someone else should be above me. to over look my chance of happiness. maybe its not my time to be the high ruler. i may not need a knight but i want a king. i look to my left i look to my right. i see my brothers and sisters. beaming faces. flowing garments. rich colors. 

what i notice the most. is instead of being in front or behind me. they stand side by side. equal to me.  i am a queen. trapped in my own castle. but i am not alone. there is no dragon. there is no wizard. knights run about. maidens giggle in groups. no angry mobs. just an empty seat to my side. i am a queen with no king. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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