i sing softly

i am in my tower, you know the one that sits in the middle of my kingdom, the one with no door. i am naked. standing before the great mirror. the engraved frame moves like silk in the wind. if it wasnt for the demons and monsters trapped there it would be beautiful. the glass of the mirror is polished to the finished. she shows you everything, your flaws inside and out. i know not how or why i was there, but that didnt really matter. what mattered was the cracks in the mirror. they were soft at first however the more i stared the bigger they got. i wasnt alarmed till they were almost across the glass. i needed to get out, to warn and protect my people. i was frozen in the same spot.

one by one, giggle and sighs, cracking of bone and joint came from the mirror. my inner devils were breaking free. the floor trembled, the walls shaking. soon i was surrounded by all the evils i locked away years ago. now i had to face my fears, or die trying. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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