the final defeat

we stood together looking over the great plain. we watched the army marched forward, itching their way to us. i let out a little giggle, dont these fools know that a mother will do anything to protect her creation. those people inside my beautiful kingdom needed me, i considered most of the them family. more then just devoted subjects or servants. i looked to my left to see my personal army. army of immortals, the very best. my symbol blazing bright on their chest. as long as i walked the days they walked with me. to my right was you. sitting high on your white steed. Asclan sitting proudly beside you. i look deeply into your blue eyes. my king. our first born resting protectively in my womb. i can feel slightly the hum of the sun sword against my back. my army of 100 against thousands.

i nodded to my head guard. he then in turned readied the men. their swords and arrows ready for blood. by the time i turned back to you i knew you were gone. the last few weeks you had been distance. giving me short hostile answers. i ignored them, after all, i was the ruler. you were originally a guest in my house. the winds brought back to me your whisper of goodbye. never had i experienced such fury. kill him, i ordered asclan, bring me his soul. i didnt need to look to know he left following your trail. i know he will not stop till he gets you. till he eats your soul. how dare you. i brought you in, made you a demi god, even produced an heir for you. and one sight of an army and you flee. no, you are not a king of mine.

i descended the from our perch. already knowing that this fight was over, my men were already taking down flanks before i even got anywhere close to the front line. left and ahead i watched the up and coming army turn back. i let out a giggle again. at that very second i felt asclan consumed your soul. falling and falling i went, deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. i knew my world would never be the same again. i knew then that part of my soul was going with you. i felt the darkness creeping up on me. from my very toes to my hair. i placed a hand over my baby as i watched the sun come into full form.

then everything went black



About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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