dont you wish

dont you wish she was like me? the bond we share is nothing youve known before. its installed deep in your collar bone. this urge to protect me is surging through the very blood that fuels your life. yet you deny these feelings. you push them further then you can go. yet you deny this to yourself. this happiness we both deserve. everything we do is natural. theres no questioning it. nothing goes unsaid, no action undone. we fight, we laugh, shit we even cry. its nothing for us to sleep soundly in the same bed, limbs thrown over limb, but the union of flesh you deny. 

we keep it real with each other, we keep it real. you know i would wait till the end of the world to happen for you, to travel to the four quarters youre will be done. this feeling i speak of i have never known. i am yours completely and i wish you to return the same words to me. to confirm that what i feel for you is true and not some dream where im stuck. i dont understand what has passed that stops you found telling me how you feel, yet you deny me this love. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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