i know for a fact you’re the one i am going to marry, you are the only female that wont drive me bat shit crazy. i already know. 

careless whispers kratos proclaimed one day. we were out and about traveling my kingdom. returning from a checking out the market house. i couldnt respond. not right away. words i desperately wanted to know come from your heart. as the words faded into the fall sunlight i watched them become the very thing they were made out of; air. my heart could not receive what was not true.

but the time was drawing close. our history is already written; how could you have not known kratos? do you feel it too? the closing of our chapter?  you must. what i feel you feel. this much i know is true. i know you love me, but how can i get you to show me. around here, talk is cheap. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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