may mary

puff after pass. pass after puff. the light glows dim. tips of noses and the halos of lips is all you see when the blunt is queen. stroking and stroking. she sings so pure, only to be rewarded with that deep cough. the one used just for this occasion, only those who smoke the earth would understand is raw language. yeah that was the hit. thats the spot. mary jane mary jane may mary jane love you forever. the room goes silent. cigars and cigarettes replace ideal fingers. the stranger in the corner clears his throat. he has been whispering his lyrics to himself the whole time. closer to the mic the clearer his words are. i was witnessing magic. yeah his song is something i would fuck with. yeah he go hard. but really i wasnt impressed. i wanted feeling. i wanted power. i wanted lyrics that reach a heart string not  another song i would  one day find myself naked on the living room floor. puff after pass. pass after puff. i put my shades on so no one could see my pain. someone clears his nose trying hard to master his cough. theres a round of shaking heads and the queen sees you bow. mary jane mary jane may mary jane love you forever. i plug into my ear phones. they are old school but the base is sweet. im taken back into a time. a time where i didnt question my image. but the truth is i always questioned it, even now when i am back to my smallest size. but cant you see how much i depend on you for support. my best friend. my nigga. i just need to know if what i am seeing is real. for me. for you. for them. i need to know that i am not losing my mind. why cant you love me as hard as i love you. why cant you just be with me. i love you so much but i cant make you see it. faster and faster i fall. deeper and darker i went. falling faster then my heart. all i need is to know the truth. spinning and spinning. then it stops. puff after pass. pass after puff. finally the blunt is put to sleep. the queen rules all, us her loyal subjects. mary jane mary jane may mary jane love you forever. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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