what do you want me to say? im sorry? im not. it wont happen again? it will. do i love you? unconditionally. but the stress you put me under kratos. i start to notice the gray lining my hair in the morning. but i brush them back and they are gone in seconds. kratos. oh kratos. i need you so. but youre the main factor in my displeasure. is this the terms of our love? can i sign the dotted line. knowing all of this. only if you ask me to. but you wont. i know you wont. i can only dream. 

but you, my newest seeker. how the moonlight shines on your ebony skin. you are my best struggle. i want to know you, i want to trust me. i want to fully understand your role in my army. in my kingdom. my realm depends on it. if you wont let me in then i will have to let you go. seeker. what are you seeking in the night? that causes you to hide from the light. maybe there is nothing to you and i am just not seeing it. or maybe i am and refuse to admit it. 

oh my kingdom, my beautiful beloved kingdom. what i would not  do for you. we have been through some dark times and some great times, you alone have stood by me. not once have you tried to kick me of the throne. not one have you denounced my symbol. my name. oh my kingdom, tell me where i am to take you next. 

what are you doing, 

i asked not knowing what you were going to say

you take me in deep places

you make me long for more

what are you doing

i cry, begging for mercy

your touch is like fire, stroke after stroke

your lips are my paradise,

it leaves me awake at night. 

what are you doing?

i need to know. 

i want answers, 

im lost and a fool

what are you doing?

now i am leaving, 

collecting my garments

trying to hide my shame


i heard you yell

but im leaving

closing the door in my wake, 

you made me into a foolish girl. 

i hear you sobbing.

what are you doing…..


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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