dream 2/4-2/5

it opens to a horse and carriage race. most of the other teams had two horses. mighty and ready for the challenge. but mine. i only had black star, my shire steed. but i also brought forth a pony. dapple. but he wasnt for the race. i think i just got him to say i had two horses. the races have started. pair by pair they take off. the crowds cheer to rush the winner. my turn. i look to the left. i look to the right. everyone had two horses. i double check my lines and right as i am about to climb up into my carriage my opponent takes off which makes black star chase after him. it was disastrous. carriages crash and horses are loose. i finally was about to trap black star in a local store. i quickly take off his lines and check him over. no harm. a man i do not know but was told he was to come with me says he will ride black star. he changes out the bit and harness. i was not ok with this. so i myself change out his bridle and saddle him up. i give the man my pony. 

we were flying. oh how we were flying. we land at a safe shelter. communities coming together to learn to survive on no mans laws. i release the horses in the “yard” and enter through my “family” ‘s house. it was a simple dwelling. i change and go looking for my mother. i come into the common area and i see him. we lock eyes and there was a feeling. swelling. making my heart jump. but i leave. ignoring his stares. ive never seen him before. 6’8. white. bald. built but not too built. he was a man. a man’s man. i find my mother and we get something to eat. later that day before i receive my next mission i run into the mystery guy again. this time the sun is setting. he pulls me close. “you feel it dont you?” he ask before he kisses me. pulling onto the couch to lay with him side by side. the kisses, they were so passionate. everything i wanted. everything i need “i know you feel it too” it was true. the attraction was so strong. the need for protection disappeared with his arms around me. but then he moves to seal the deal and i tell him no. if it was for real he would still be there when i returned. we part on promises. i had a mission to complete then i would be his.

in the yard i saddle up the horses and we fly off to the corp. world. i know i must find the room with the secrets. however i know not where this room is or how to get there but i know the general area. my side kick isnt the smartest either. we wonder around, testing doors and clearly hallways. i turn the horses into surf boards so we just glide around. then the guards are on us. duck and diving and invading his the game. finally i get smart i coast down a hallway and get into a side room. i stuff the surf boards and an extra bag into my back pack. i giggle and leave the room. only to be intercepted by a guard. i allowed myself to get caught. because i know they will take me straight to the boss, in the room with the secrets. only thing i want. is my lover.   

About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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