queen without a kingdom

how he entered was intense. trumpets blaring, petals falling softly, coins tossed freely; everything he did was grand. i watched from the safety of my tower. the call to know and understand what was pulling me from my mirror was too demanding. my demon snarling loudly from the severed hold he held so strongly. the parade stretched far and wide, well pass the gates of my kingdom to the very door step to my castle. i leaned sweetly over the rail to take it all in. slowly beams of sunlight appeared through the overcast. i noticed it. i took it all in. 

once i was back into the main house of the castle, messages chased after me. some with papers, some with gifts, all with the same chant. “he is here for you”. one after one, toe after toe, they kept pace with me. pausing outside the throne room door i looked down at Aslan; giving him a questionable look. his soft golden globes just stared back “impossible” i spoke finally. “just impossible” 

Kratos was a man of confidence, he strode into the room no sooner as i settled in my throne. my dress folds smarting around me. what caught me off guard was his stare. i knew his eyes were only for me. oh, my only thought. then what happened next was really truly impossible. just being in his presence it calmed the demon in my head. the part was followed me day in and day out. 


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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