Lake of unawares

We were lost, weren’t we seeker? Just for a few days. I watched you wonder away, sniffing the air for something, your back was the last I saw of you. I sat there for a few hours. Curious about what just happened. Then I collected my horse and rode on. For a second I had a passing worry. For a second I was sure you were gone. But I knew. I knew if you wanted to return you could easily do so, however if your path took you elsewhere I knew it was time. However seeker I wish you wouldn’t do it again.

I ventured to the lake of unawares while you were gone. I sat on its beach and look on. My body became immobile as the storm rolled in. I opened up my heart for the rain to wash it pure. Pondering why they call it the lake of unawares. The sand grew over my feet, with the sun shining one couldn’t help but bury deeper within. I couldn’t notice the water creeping closer, couldn’t even grasp that the forest was moving further away. First my ankles, then my knees, oh I was so tired of traveling. I roll my head back. Blinking away any last moments of consciousness.
I didn’t know I was almost lost till the seeker came back to me.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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