Tea saucer

I sip silently. Just watching. Always waiting. People come in and go. Always in the back ground. I feel the sinking. But I do nothing. The floor gives away, piece after tile. I don’t fight it. Not anymore. What is left floating in the dark gray is my platform. I keep a straight face. It’s easier if no one knows. It’s easier to hide. Everyone is here now. All standing on the outer banks. I see them all. I want to believe they are here to help but even I know that’s a lie. They are all smiles now. Always encouraging. But I wait. Watching.
I wish it would just happen. I wish it will hurry up and be over with. This is the part I hate most. The moment before the storm hits. I see the ripples but it’s not fast enough. All I want is to be released. I know the sun will shine again but it’s so tiring. This fight that is mine alone. Slowly the waves hit. It’s rocky but I still just sit there waiting. For what? I don’t know. This just isn’t the final battle. The swirling starts. Everyone becomes blurring. They will leave soon enough. Once they understand that it’s a hopeless cause.
Oh I’m so tired. God so tired. I close my eyes and roll up into a ball. Just letting the storm do it’s damage.

About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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