The grasp

Here it is mine. Everything is for me. The music. The drums. The blazing fire. The people. The clothes. The attention. Everything is for me and it’s my right. Foot over foot sway after sway. The night is mine and I take full control. The beat grows louder someone starts to sing. It’s a epic about why the sun stands alone. He stands alone because he once loved a woman that ate his heart. The passion was so intense that he when he touched her he would burn her skin black. Foot over foot sway after sway. Of course. For a love like that it would never be. No way would one or the other allow the other to bow. For them to submit the other would be left in eternally without the love they want. Silly immortals. You can’t have both. So what do you do? What is the correct answer to this? Foot over foot sway after sway. To dream the impossible. Two star crossed lovers. Trapped in the throw of passion but they both know it will never be. But yet she continues. Nothing mattered to her but his happiness. She loved to see him suffer just a bit as she pulled away. It made the pain worth it for her. The silent truth they both know but don’t speak. The beat slows down to just the drums. Foot over foot. Sway after sway. The fire dims. Everything comes to be still. All eyes on me. What do you do? What’s the correct answer in this. To love means the death of one of them. Silly immortals. They want it all.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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