A prim in time.

It was a ripple in time. Time itself was frozen. In and out weaved the essence of the dark soul. Shifting shapes and person a like. It greatest strength was convincing those it touched the time was ticking again. The ludicrous dance. The sigh of laughter. The tears of those that saw through it all. One among them was the true being. In her soul grew the rays of the sun. The only thing the dark soul was powerless against.
Touch by tap, slowly she works the way to the core of the world. However her fight seems fruitless to those lost. But they mistaken her. She knows her fight is long, she knows that she won’t save everyone. Her dedication was greater then her life.
She wanted nothing in return, to the world she was the most dangerous.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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