The hunt

If I wrote it then it must be true. The queen murmured. Her chosen gown included samples of all the kingdoms in her realm. For the most part she left them to their ways and traditions. For the most part they had no trouble contributing to the market. For the most part. She was standing near the bay window looking down at a collection of letters, the handwriting was loose. Thin and full of holes. That is a child. Oh goodness how I thought my world was dim and harsh. She laughed quietly to herself. Now it is not but a dream.
Her trusted right hand sat I front of the empty fire. Away from the sunlight. He went by many names. Justice. The hand. Cold truth. But she just talked to him like he was her shadow. There was not one word she said that he didn’t notice. No movement left unchecked. She always knew where he was and he to her. It was a wonder she never took him to her chambers but her doors was as far as he went. For no one entered the queens chambers. All but Aslan.
Tomorrow we ride out to the lakes. My brother is getting married and I won’t miss out. My new sister sets before the fire to be judged by the lion. If she is found wanted then I will invite her to drink from the cup of our fathers. The queen was staring out to the seas watching the trade boats come and go. She could not remember when the lion turned away from the invited member but her father would talk of it.
What of kratos? He spoke from his chair. My men talk of his sightings. The queen didn’t turn to answer him. Deep in thought. Calculating.
Yes. He is near. Looking for a time and place to strike. She toyed with her sun medallion. She could catch his smell once or twice in the passing winds. She took a deep breathe crossing the room to leave.
He is hunting me.


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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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