A jab in the dark

I just wish things were different. She sighed slumping into her throne chair. The day had been long and annoying. Still she put on a straight face and went from task to task. Never complaining about the growing headache and the stiffness in her back. What would you have me do? The question was simple but loaded. Before her stood her once famous warrior. His sunburnt skin was now clean and his attire of fresh cut cloth. His tattoos seem to come alive has he stared on at her. Kratos. At least in the open he posed no threat. But the queen was no fool, he couldn’t be trusted, she had trained marksmen on him from the upper gallery. I banished you kratos, exiled you for your brutal tactics. What in the world makes you think I would have anything to do with you. She looked at him when a sort of frown. Waiting. Calculating.
Not once did he say a word. He had an air of self importance and annoyance. She was taking up his time, all he wanted was his gear and level to return to his home. To serve once more in the only kingdom where he felt protected. God killer. That’s what he’ll be known once more again. He was so sure, the people loved him then and they would love him again. What he had done in the past was of know importance, this he knew for sure. Still he said nothing. He wished she would just hurry up with her harsh words, he slap of the hand, and the purse of gold he needed.
No, kratos, you are not welcomed here. I have been forgiving and blind in the past but your absents has been too long to go unnoticed. Too long unneeded. She leaned forward. The hilt of her sun sword showing over her shoulder. No kratos, you are unwanted. Truth be told. She placed her hands on either side of the arms of the throne and pushed herself up. Walking off the Dias she drew her sword. I warned you kratos of my disappointment. I warned you of returning. What is going on in that head of yours to assume otherwise.
Without warning the swords edge flew at is head. Ducking. The blade whistled over his head. When he stood he noted the nick of blood. Noted his long braid of hair laying at his feet.
Run kratos, run as far as you dared. Everyone will know you now. You no longer can hide behind your past. Your achievements are nothing just dust. I spared your life, now you must walk with your shame. You are no longer a man of my kingdom. No longer protected by my love. You have shamed me and yourself. She stood before him. Staring straight into his eyes. Run kratos, run.
The doors opened behind him. Before he could even look back at the queen he heard the rumble of Aslan. He had passed judgement on the mighty warrior kratos. So deep as his call that even the marksmen crossed themselves. Aslan was hungry. And kratos was on his menu.
Run, kratos, run


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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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