Women moaning. That was the music of my life. The tale tell rattle of the bed frames. They only reminding me that I needed to get oil. But just oil them enough to silence the small sneaks of submission. I find that the clients prefer to only hear it when the business was getting good. And business was good. It’s when it gets really quiet that my ears perk up in excitement. Then I wait. Just a few seconds. Two for all is well. Three for danger. Death if silence. Dumph dumph. Comes from the second floor. good I turned back to the papers before me. They come from taco, the kin pin of west isle, they were a gift. He was sending me new girls that recently moved to the city. They would fill my empty rooms, Angela was not going to be happy about having a floor to herself. But this was business, we could use a few new faces. Clients like a different flavor every now and then. Rubio leaned back in his car, stretching out his long legs. His fro needing a good shape up but it was hard to find time specially when the trading season in full swing. Here on west isle the summer seasons meant life was good. Besides being the biggest trading port we also house the largest military training camp, the finished foods, richest women, and the silkiest drugs. So fine were our trades that we ruled over most nations. Without us ital would crumble in a matter of weeks. The king visited randomly staying for weeks at a trip. The wealthy made they summer homes here. The army came and went but often went inland during our short winter. Then there’s us. The locals. The few that could claim old blood to the isle. If you one of the lucky that could inter grade into our circle you would come to know that taco was one of the funniest sincere man you could fine. So true were his feelings that his judgement was final and then became law. There Rubio, his cousin and pimp. He indulged a little too much with the eastern pow but he didn’t care. His line of work required a man of his skills. Budd and Stan were our cousins. I claimed budd and taco would trade stories about how he found his cousin again after 10 years apart. Then there was me. The legendary Madame Dixie. I was known as the godmother to those who were ashamed to talk about me to their judge mental peers. But hey. Sex was business. It was my pleasure to bring all clients the taste of something forbidden, the dirtiest of human needs, and how I love to pleasure myself.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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