strawberrita. cold.

i am a little drunk right now. i read my cards today. i feel its been more then a year since ive laid hands on my deck. i personnally love this deck. i had got my first set when i was in highschool. its a sun deck, i was drawn to it for its outstanding sun on the back of every card. its more modern, computer enhanced bullshit, but i just like it. after a scare with my religious mother i gave my deck to the school hippie and walked away. i think i got my second and current deck my second year of college. ive always kept it in this sunflower box i got sometime near my grandma funeral. i also house my rune stones in this box as well.. although i am not fond or completely understand the rune stones. but i have them anyways. i used them once or so. just not too sure of them.

nelly is playing on the stereo. like 90’s nelly. classic. i probably should not leave anything for boyfriend to do. he seriously takes forever. never is never a good time. i am consently calling for him to hurry the fuck up. at some during the congress of tonight i managed to straight murder a baked spegethi. like holy mother of god i couldnt have done that better then sweet baby jesus being born. i know this to be a good sign. the gods are pleased with something that i am doing. maybe they finally gotten back to answer my distress signal. help me help me! hello? anyone out there?? maybe theres a process time to wait out. hold on just one second there. please allow three to five weeks to allow your claim to be process. i see little tiny cubicles something out of dickens each housing a little tiny angel. mail coulds sorting through the clouds. but the piles are never ending. three to five weeks is generious. ive been spending some times thinking about the elders. the greats. opening my mind and calling out to the unknown beyond. asking for help. sometimes i can feel the pressure coming off my chest. sometimes its easier to breathe.

ive told you ive been reading the beautiful creatures series. im currently on the third book. the one where ethan dies.opps.the next one has to be some homeward bound adventure against light and dark casters. they repeat it all over the place that there is always light and dark in each caster. blah blah blah, but everyone just wants to nod their head then be surprised that so and so was able to unlock such and such power and then so and so. oh so and so got killed.. its pretty basically story line but there is just something about it. i am in absolutely in love with macon. the man that plays his character in the movie was perfect. hmmmm. that southern drawl really does a number on a southern girl. but i digress. thank you to the authors with providing a good southern magic love story.

i guess i am using this as a way to leave a piece of me out there in the world. for right now i feel tiny and no more important as a stray cat. i am no one of importance to anyone but those i choose to share my life with. and in case of a zombie out break. just know i will record everything. im ready and equally not ready for the zombie D day. this day and age. anything could happen.

just look at russia.


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