Pop hide serve 

I guess the last few days haven’t been note worthy. Our tempers are getting out of control. A mister grumpy bear is always quick to exploded. I don’t blame him. We are always together now. That alone can cause problems. Me myself is not a treat. 

I really dislike having to drug my dog. If I don’t she will continue to scratch open wounds on her sides. Before beinging her here she was staying with a rather out saint that has an aggressive form of bone cancer. I don’t know if anyone notices but cancer causes all sorts of problems to near by components. Even tho little Oct is healthy, sleeping side by side with cancer, this is surely to leave a residue on her. I have been treating her since. Special shampoos. Ointments. Started her on a basic allergy pill. Started feeding her taste of the wild. All of these measures are a huge improvement. But days like today. She gets a benidryl. Like I said. I hate having to drug her up. It kills me to no end but I have little options.

Having Oct here has been a little taxing. But not really. She is shy at first but I am starting to see her come out of her shell. More and more so every day. I love this side of her. Last night she even let boyfriend throw her toy for her. She then proceeded to rip it open to try to get to the squeaker inside. This is fine. The squeaker has to die sometime. 

Something has been brothering me. I can’t quiet place a finger on it but I know it’s wrong. This foreboding. It’s torture. I wish there was a way to know. To unlock some hiden portal so I can see directly at the source. Something is just off. 


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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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