bless it be to thy nom nom nom

boyfriend is so warm. its a heat that i know is just for me. lately i have been battling the thoughts of the ex. its not so much him but of me. i can say i am curious about her. since my arrival was shortly after her. although the relationship was over months before then. she cheated several times on boyfriend. from what i gather she had a lot of time on her hands since she quit her job a month or so into the relationship. boyfriend paid the bills and such. she didnt really have to work. i am curious about her in the wrong reasons. i want to tear her apart. break her down so i can see what he saw in her. i guess we all have that one person that all you can do is shrug your shoulders and shake your head. caught up in the moment. for me. it was ‘boyfriend’ before boyfriend. i cant even say we were in a relationship but he was my best friend and i loved him. plus the sex was great. so was sex with every other girl he came to meet. i guess.

lets talk about the weather. our parking lot is full of leaves. old dead dried leaves. like as in fall. fall leaves. in july. i know we are surely going to have at least one more month of summer. but the breeze and the leaves tell different. maybe i am tripping. this is normal. but i just dont remember it happening so soon. what is i am right and this is clearly i sign of global warming and the shift of the earths ecosystems. combine that with the rise of crime and social distress i would have to say that this is the end of the world as we know it. but everyone is living like we have somewhere else to go.. its a trap. wake up america.

i dunno. all i know is boyfriend and my dog. i love both so dearly. and food. god i love to eat. theres just something about it. i have never heard or seen someone who hates to eat. food just makes you so happy. plus i love to taste different things. the spices. the texture. the nom nom nom feeling when you have a mouth full. oh nom nom nom praise it be to the food of thy god oh nom nom nom bless it be those that follow in thy will oh nom nom nom forgive me of thy sins of over heating and not cooking enough as i forgive those that never bring me fruit of thy god oh nom nom nom thy will be done oh nom nom nomen.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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