crush for menthol

one of our roommates tends to bring his girlfriend around, like clockwork, every thursday. sometimes she leaves on sunday. sometimes monday. sometimes saturday, if i can help it. not that i have a problem with roommate having a girlfriend. i just have a problem with this girlfriend. shes very young. younger then i would like, per say. but she has a nasty smart ass mouth and doesnt check what she is saying half the time. boyfriend also doesnt like roommate girlfriend. this morning, yes this very god giving morning, i awoke to let the dog out. fumbling my way through our apartment i notice an air of burning cigarette in the hallway. thinking im tripping. i stand there and just inhale. yes recent cigarette. but no im still tripping. who in the world would smoke inside. the front door is right there.

i go out side. still thinking about this new smell. surely i am tripping. i come back inside and its still there. i stand close to roommate door and its strong from there. i go wake up boyfriend. i swear to all that is holy that he has the best nose in the world. its like a freaken blood hound. it is extremely difficult to hide anything from him. he will always always always smell it out. so i wake up boyfriend. he entered the hallway and instant rage comes. he grows twice in size and goes straight to the source. proof in the making that i was not tripping. roommate is gone but roommate girlfriend is still here. she swears up to the heavens that she doesnt know what we are talking about. no one has smoked recently. key word. recently. this girl this child of a woman is a totally freaking liar. a terrible one at that too. god how old ive gotten. was i ever that stupid? i more then likely was. an idiot by definition.

last night was fun. i got bitten by my dog. twice. we were playing in the living room. i was tossing around her toy and playing tug a war with her. the first time she got my arm. but she was so heated that i dont even know she noticed. the second time i was bending over to pick up a piece of stuffing when she got my nose. that one she knew. oh man she felt guilty. instantly exposing her belly for me. i acted surprise for her benefit but it wasnt that big of a deal. shit happens. i also spent time with boyfriend. i giggle every time because somehow i always end up laying on top of him. just laying on him. in whatever way i feel comfortable. he doesnt mind. as long as im happy. he does make me happy. soon we will be starting our jobs. we can feel the time clicking by. we are just excited that everything is going to work itself out. and the fact i havent broken down and just melted into a puddle of despair. worry. fear.


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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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