hit you like what you sayin’

when a woman gets her hands on our own space. like an apartment or hopefully a house she will make her domain. its so simple for guys. just get the bitch a key. once the native woman in her domain things will happen. great and terrible things. like leaving the muffins in the oven too long or having the dishes by the sink. i try to keep a clean house. manly because clutter or messes are a direct link to depression. the more of it. the deeper you fall in to depression. so i clean everyday. usually through out the whole day i am cleaning some part of our apartment.

living with Oct and boyfriend has been interesting. one living is a scotty is a challenge all too itself. then you have to throw boyfriend in. ultimate trifecta. thats a trip because she really only listens to me. theres a unspoken signal between us. having relations with boyfriend is a consent battle between: should we keep the dog in the room or kick her out. either way, its going to happen.

i have been plotting and determining to get another session of relations from boyfriend. toss that in with bodily release of air. defecation with the bathroom door open. shared showers. WWE practice. nose picking. ear cleaning. to my favorite: why do you always have to smack your food. living with boyfriend is like having a person there that will always be trying to pop your pimples or wanting to pluck your eyebrows.

once anyone gets to this point in their relationship just know that this is probably the one. most then 90% of being the one. you dont offend get to do what you want without haters. they are suppose to be your bestfriend. why would you spend the rest of your life always chasing the person you are suppose to have. its not cute. like the public think what they want. after all you only let them see what they want. never more. never less.

i will get pregnant one day. i wont be a woman that just could never get pregnant. i am capable. and i will.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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