zig zag grumble

sniff sniff puff pass. its a zig zag a ziggy zap. i spilt and gut. oh yeah oh man. sniff sniff puff pass. a couple quick turns, thats all it takes! shift shift it needs to pass the test. my fingers itch to its touch. sniff sniff puff pass. I’m like a kid twisting open my metal friend. oh boy this is going to be great. lick lick lick. sniff sniff puff pass. in the zag the ziggy zag zap i trail down and smooth out the layer of mary. tuck tip roll. its going to be a blast. sniff sniff puff pass. turn off the fan! quick be quick! its almost time to light her up. sniff sniff puff pass. fuck. the lighter is out. its empty. oh lord hurry. its screaming my name. this zag. ziggy zap. sniff sniff pout pass. the stumble. the fumble. here. the lighter you call for. mary can’t wait. put down your controller and join the circle. here. sniff sniff puff pass. someone turn on pandora. dim the lights. its lit. inhale deeper. there you go son! welcome to the glory zone. sniff sniff puff pass. someone praises god. others whisper silently to prayer. sweet dreams are made these. who am i to disagree? sniff sniff puff pass. some of them what to use you sniff sniff pass puff deeper and deeper she falls. its dark and theres no end. but she doesn’t care. sniff sniff puff pass she knew what she was getting into. following that sneaky white rabbit down its tricky little rabbit hole. sniff sniff puff pass. everybody is looking for something. some of them what to get used by you. sniff sniff puff pass. she lost. twisting. looking for anything to hold on to. but theres nothing. she understands. sniff sniff puff pass. she wishes it would end. all of it. she’s falling. its wonderful. this feeling. it will take you anywhere. sniff sniff puff pass. deeper and deeper she falls. she knew. she knew. she knew. deeper she falls. sniff sniff puff pass. so far gone she no longer knows if she is the drug or the abuser. sniff sniff puff out.

my freshman year of college i arrived at a youthful age of 17. the week before my mother took me to get my first tattoo. our artist was a family friend. she had her own shop and agreed to tattoo me. she knew it was illegal. i knew it was illegal. i was delighted with the moment. i eagerly picked a tribal sun off the wall and arranged to have my lego symbol in the center. i was will never forget that sensation. getting your first tattoo. my leg kept twitching. its never goes away. hence why i stopped getting leg tattoos. anyway. i remembered walking up the mountain. yes mountain. i was just swelling with pride. fuck yes i have a leg tattoo. fuck yes I’m taller then you. fuck. I’m one big ball of sexiness in your presence. yeah check out that tattoo. its sick. tribal shit. I’m bad ass. god i was so full of myself. but it didn’t matter. i was bad ass and i knew it. back then i was still into latin. like i used to study latin and I’m bad ass like that. pleeeeeeaaaasssseee. i took high school latin. yes i understand that many high schools in north carolina didn’t ever offer latin. i went and graduated from a precollege classical high school. home of five football and baseball fields. the largest track in the city. and had a bigger damn good outdoor stadium. the kicker is. we didn’t support sports. all freshman were required to take gym but never after that and only one semester. our band was shitty but your strings were magical. we always got invited to play for their christmas ball at the governors house. yea. i was bad ass like that. i studied latin. and spent my last two years doing doing but art classes and theater. i was ok in both but not anything special.

but to my story. i was walking up the mountain to one of my first classes. my physical being before this college was extremely lazy. i always found a way to ride the elevator at school. fuck those stairs. but here i had to walk. i had to hike from my bed to get food. then to class. and hopefully i can swing by the store to get more food then go back to my dorm. i was always out of breathe. and sweating. this is just not cute. soon i got used to it and started to make myself take the stairs. oh boy i was getting sexy. then i started doing stuff. going hiking. so tubing down the river. went swimming in wolf lake at night. being on top of the mountains. it made the view so glorious. nothing but stars. shooting. stars.

cough. any who. i was walking up the mountain and it hit me. i was a bad ass. with my fucking single tattoo. i made my mind up then. i went home for the weekend. went and saw micky. hey mick. hook my up. i palmed in front of her. Asina Mala. thats right. Bad fuck Ass. in latin. to this day i am still not sure if my high school translation is accurate. but i don’t give a care. this tattoo will always remind me of the time i felt bad ass. and getting sexy. working my fat ass. on. those. stairs. yes. sexy. and bad ass. never forget the bad ass.


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out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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