a large coke, please.

follow it. feel the weight of your existents. feel the weight of your being. then yourself. feel your breathe. follow it. feel it fill your lungs. the rise of your belly. your chest. its soft. feel your breathe. follow it. the very spot between your shoulders. the very center. the core of your belly. feel your breathe. follow it. you have to trust me. i know you’ve been through more then most of us. your wonder. feel your breathe. follow it. note your self worth. its all you have. let not those effect your self worth. no one is worth that much. feel your breathe. follow it. but you can take your time. just let it flow. its a river. its waters cool and crisp. there it is. that feeling. the beats are here. hark. feel your breathe. follow it. boy i am gone. I’m free. the bounds that held me down. snapped. the bruises are almost. faded. feel your breath follow it. don’t look now. I’m gone. feel the pull of the earth. its hardness. if you’re still you can feel the pull of gravity. its a sensation that you can never quite get into words. I’m tired of making you happy. i know you want to get at me. feel your breathe. follow it. its expands your lungs. like a water balloon filling once more with life. its soft pink. with nice sized pearls. oh this corset. its makes me a sexy momma. i told you. i am great at what i do. i used to treat it like business. a duty i had to do for myself. oh yes. there was nothing better in this world then paying tribute to me. myself. this modern day goddess. oh yes. it was a game to me. once i picked a man it was it. i was literally do anything to make him lose. yes sir i told you once but once again let me grace your presence. my name is madame. mam’. your grace. yes before me you will bow to my honor. feel your breathe. follow it. there were times when i was told. it never ended pretty. i knew what kind of men i had in my cards. there was Kratos. i was too blinded to the fact that he was such a punk. always fronting. i knew the real him. or so i thought. but it just disgust me know how it facts in front of our ‘friends’.  there was the seeker. he was impressive. but i knew the real him. there just wasn’t a whole lot there. he supplied the drugs. i provided the entertainment. he had a little too aggressive fixation on this very large porn star. he would try to recreate the screens of her movies. it was fun. till it happened all the time. then there was this one hoe. anyway. he was the seeker. Kratos hated the seeker. the seeker was jealous of Kratos. it was funny. for a while. then there was batman. i remember him sometimes because he was the one that made me realize that was a being a hoe. thus he was the down fall of my hoe days. but i liked him. i could’ve had a chance. and it might’ve worked out. but i was being a hoe. we both were. feel your breathe. follow it. follow it path from your nose to the rise and fall of your belly. your back. its strong and straight. sometimes you just have to slow down the drama and just take in the presence. sense the weight of your existents. this is how you know you are here. and alive. this is only a dream if you let it. feel your breathe. follow it. I’m am not telling you this just to tell you. I am telling me. i only feel what i let myself feel. yes i am playing with magic. this stuff. its deadly. it will take over everything you know. will come to forget. mark my words. knowing your existents. it leaves nothing unturned. you can get lost. but you can also find yourself. feel your breath. follow it. this magic. only you can touch. are you ready for it. theres no going back. i promise. you will never regret it. feel your breath. follow it. we call that bitch Bojangles.


About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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