Through you and yours

Together we are his family. Together we stand to honor him in life and death. 

Most highest…in the sky. Beyond the stars and ways. Hear my voice. Pull me closer. Lean in and let me tell you what’s going on. Please. All I ask is for some of attention. Father I am hurting. Father I remain strong. Just like you. I am rock the you made. I hear nothing. I can not be moved. But I see Father. I see and feel everything. The world around me Father is grim. Don’t get the wrong meaning Father. I have been picked up and thrown from North Carolina and landed in a beautiful weathered city in Georgia. But Father that’s not what I am talking about.  The air is toxic, yet I still breathe. There is so much negativity, its porous, sweeping in touching everything. It’s turning sour. Instead of coming together to build a pathway each rock is trying to make their own. Pebbles are breaking the bonds with the rocks, it’s caused frictions, the ground crys with sorrow. It hurts. It’s harder still to form bonds with other rocks. Together we are strong. 

Father, I need help. I need your guidance. I need to know that I am still on the same path you set me own. Father most high I give you praise and thanks for all you do. I know you and you alone are in control of the good and the bad. For they are one and hand in hand. Because of you Father I am where I am. This is known. But Father I am dirty and need to be washed by your hand. I pray you give me strength to carry your will and I pray for wisdom to know your hand. I seek guidance. I seek mercy. I see forgiveness. I pray you see my personal journey for self betterment and bless it with truth, honestly, and grace. Please Father help me withstand the pressures of life and harden me against the wrong. Please Father, save me. 





About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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