The fact I can see you soon 

Here’s a fun fact of the day. I have to turn the back light down because it gives me headaches. The later the night the dimmer it gets. 

Been dancing a lot. A bit of rump shakes here. A lot of air grinding over there. Been free styling more with the boy. You know being silly. 


That’s how I would describe my attitude. I’m free. Shaken loose. I’m just warming up. Stretching in all angles. Then I let go. Taking in the aroma of my man. Of me. Us. Together. A team to match no team. As one we are althe strongest we’ve ever been. In our entire lives. 

There the light goes. Dinner still. 

She’s gone. She’s here. I am here. I am not here. She’s nods her head to a beat only we can hear. It’s the best of our heart. She’s finally came home to me. I’ve been waiting so long. She came unannounced. Like always. High on her black horse. She was wearing her own style of clothing. The crown gleaming on her brown curls. My baby girl. She home. 

Beat by bass. It’s a dance. She’s knows too well but this time she’s on the outside. She sees everyone she knew and knows. Beat by bass. They sway to the drums. Kicking dust with each stomp. The men are throwing their heads back and forth. Their wild hair catching the glow of the fire. Beat by bass. The women are keeping in step, their arms darting hips bouncing, chasing shadows across the players. The eyes saw all of this and more. Beat by bass. She came taste the sweat on their faces. The very dirt filling their nose. She was oddly comfortable watching. Last time she was here she was the very center dancing solo in the center of the flames. The time before that she was a faceless dancer. Beat by bass. The beat changes. Causing the dancers to partner up. ah yes. This dance she knew too well. The cumming. Beat by bass. The beat drops. She sees their faces now. Ugly demons. Twisting in ways that no human should. Yet she was not afraid. She knew them all. Named. Beat by bass. She watched on. Her demons fed off each other. Filling the wild urge to fuck. Pussys and dicks everywhere. This time she watched. Her days of joining the game was over. This was the last time she watched. This was known. Beat by bass. There’s a break afterwards. A small time to regather yourself. People pushed passed her like she wasn’t there. They had no need for her. Some try to make a break for it. To try to escape but it’s no use. The music was starting up. Beat by bass. You got to know. This never ends. Not for them. She escaped tho. She woke up. Now she watches. There’s a smirk on her face. Beat by bass. She’s leaving now. The dance field is filling up again. People she once knew and know. Their games and tricks won’t help them. Not here. Here you’re trapped. Beat by bass. She further out and the brass droops once more. She could look back. One last time. But why would she?  Beat by bass. You got know. 

About moderndaigoddess

out on my own, these are my words about how crazy life can get
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